Standard Products

DSSA produces precision pyrotechnic products for a wide array of applications. Mechanisms driven by SDI™ legacy products are used in applications where high speed, precision, and extremely high reliability are critical factors.

In addition to our standard products, we offer a variety of specialty products that are designed to each customer's application. DSSA will work with you to understand your design criteria/limitations and develop a unique solution to your particular application.

Initiators and Primers

Special Devices, Inc. has been providing high-reliability initiators to the automotive airbag market since the late 1980s. These initiators have been used by virtually all automotive OEMs and have demonstrated unparalleled quality and reliability for over 20 years, performing in real-world environments without any product recalls. The outstanding success of our initiator products in this demanding market has allowed SDI™ to improve our processes and expand our product offerings for the safety restraints industry to meet the ever-growing demand for increased occupant safety. All SDI™ initiators and primers use GTMS technology for a hermetic seal, for a long trouble-free life. DSSA currently produces 2 different families of initiators.

AGH - The SDI™ AGH initiator was the original SDI™ Initiator technology, derived from our line of aerospace initiators. AGH uses a separate charge sleeve to hold a fixed ZPP ignition charge. This allows extreme versatility in tailoring output loads with a variety of materials. AGH initiator outputs range from 25mg to over 500mg.

FGI - SDI™ FGI initiators are a value-engineered variant that eliminates the separate charge sleeve to reduce process and material cost. FGI is tailored towards high volume production of a few, select popular output loads. FGI offers ZPP output loads of 90mg, 130mg, 180mg and 260mg.

Primer - SDI™ primers were initially developed to fit inside the standard detonator shell used in the mining industry. Primers offer a lower output option where low weight and compact size are critical customer concerns. Primers are offered with ZPP output loads from 20mg to 50mg.

Micro-Gas Generators (MGG)

Seatbelts are essential equipment in all automobiles to protect the lives of drivers and passengers. In order to optimize the performance of seat belts pyrotechnic technology applications such as seat belt retractors and buckle pre-tensioners require high-reliability gas generation devices. To meet this need, DSSA manufactures a wide variety of micro gas generators and upload initiators suited to a large variety of applications. Utilizing high-reliability airbag initiator technology and a variety of output configurations, we can create the ideal product for you. DSSA currently produces 2 primary families of MGGs.

G4 - SDI™ G4 MGG is a "traditional" MGG with at a separate GTMS ignition element and aluminum output can. G4 MGGs allow an extremely versatile and wide range of output propellants and output loads, which can be tailored specifically to customer performance requirements.

G3 - SDI™ G3 MGG offers an alternative design solution where both the ignition and output charged are hermetically sealed in a single stainless-steel output can. G3 can also accommodate a variety of output loads and propellants but has the additional ability to be over-molded into a variety of configurations with customer-specific interface features.

For more information on Daicel MGGs and PGGs visit https://www.daicel.com/safety/en/pgg/


In order to realize "zero" deaths and injuries from traffic accidents, automobile manufacturers have strived to develop safer vehicles. Much of that improved safety is due to the introduction of airbag technology. Demand for Airbags has been continuously growing along with the public awareness of automotive safety systems penetrating among society, resulting in its standard installation in most vehicles now. The "Inflator" is the most essential component that consists in an Airbag. Without pyrotechnic Inflators, Airbags cannot deploy quickly enough to prevent injury. Daicel Safety Strategic Business Unit (SBU)s' pyrotechnic technology is fully incorporated into our Inflator products to ensure the safety of our valued customers' vehicles and their drivers.

For more information visit: https://www.daicel.com/safety/en/inflator/

WARNING: Counterfeit and Salvaged Inflators
Our products are only sold and delivered to airbag module manufacturers. We do not sell our products to individuals or aftermarket dealers. Accordingly, the company cautions and warns against the purchase, installation or use of any airbag inflator that is not part of an original equipment manufacturer ("OEM") airbag module or not installed by a certified service provider. Such inflators are likely to be counterfeit (fake) or salvaged and should not be used. Such inflators do not meet our stringent safety and quality standards and therefore can cause harm and damage to personal property as well as personal injury or death. Use of a salvaged inflator voids our product warranty. THE COMPANY DISCLAIMS ALL SUPPORT AND WARRANTY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, THE COMPATIBILITY AND PERFORMANCE OF COUNTERFEIT AND SALVAGED INFLATORS.