While there are numerous applications for DSSA and SDI™ legacy products, our focus is on utilizing this technology to develop critical life-saving devices. Automotive airbag systems, medical devices, fire suppression systems, law enforcement less-lethal devices and many other applications all rely on the extremely high reliability of our products to save lives daily.

We specialize in high volume production of pyrotechnic products and can provide innovative technical solutions to meet your specific design needs. When your designs require very high-speed activation (<10ms) and very high reliability, DSSA pyrotechnic devices may be the perfect answer to your project needs. Please contact us to obtain more information regarding our pyrotechnic device custom design, engineering and development services.


Our legacy SDI™ and new DSSA automotive products are a key element in driver, passenger, and side impact airbag inflators and seat belt pretensioners for enhanced vehicle safety. The extremely high reliability of these products has contributed to saving thousands of lives around the world.

Power Management
Power Disconnect (PDD)/Pyro-Fuse Devices and linear pyrotechnic thrusters are used in several applications to offer extremely high-speed interruption of electrical circuits to enhance the safety of workers and protect critical equipment from damage

Oil and Gas
We offer a variety of thrusters and actuators used in oil & gas exploration and extraction. These devices are used to remotely and reliably function critical safety systems in extreme environments.

Fire Suppression
SDI™ legacy initiators and gas generators are used as release mechanisms and provide energy for suppressant dispersion in systems where extremely high reliability is necessary to ensure the safety of lives and property.

While pyrotechnic devices and energetic materials do not immediately come to mind when thinking of medical treatment, the reliability, repeatability and efficient energy generation can offer unique capabilities in a variety of applications. Our work with Alexza Pharmaceuticals on their Staccato OBT system is bringing a unique capability for medication delivery to market. Staccato®

Law Enforcement
We are currently using legacy SDI™ products to power several less lethal law enforcement products, including Axon, Bola Wrap, and Liberty Dynamic devices. The high-reliability initiation and timing afforded by electric initiation technology is providing improved safety and protecting lives.

Commercial Space
While pyrotechnic devices are common in many space applications, DSSA products offer a viable, more economical alternative to traditional products. As our technology was refined and costs improved to support the automotive market, we can provide these same high-reliability products for commercial space applications where unlimited budgets are not in play. DSSA offers products that meet both commercial and Mil-Spec AF/NF requirements.

Commercial Aviation
Automotive inflator and gas generator technology can be readily adapted for numerous aviation applications for inflatable products (slides, rafts, etc.), release mechanisms, and other safety-related systems.

Drone Safety Systems
As drone technology is proliferating and flights over populous areas become common, the need for enhanced safety devices is greatly increased. DSSA gas generators provide high reliability and extremely lightweight capability for safety parachute system deployment.

Top Quality Inflators

Air bags are vital for protecting occupants in a car accident. DSSA provides superior manufacturing that allows the company to supply excellent air bag inflators.

As a member of the pyrotechnic sector of Daicel Corporation, our company is responsible for producing reliable, quality inflators. We're in the business of saving lives and we take that commitment seriously.