Specialty Products

DSSA produces pyrotechnic products for a wide array of industrial and commercial applications. High-speed pyro/mechanical devices driven by DSSA products are used in applications where extremely high speed, precision, and extremely high reliability are critical factors...latching, releasing, pushing, pulling, cutting, and separating... all done in milliseconds.

Specialty products by nature are designed to each customer's application. DSSA will work with you to understand your design criteria/limitations and develop a unique solution to your particular application.

Power Disconnect Devices (PDD)

In order to support enhanced safety features of modern vehicles, DSSA has developed a Power Disconnect Device (PDD). The PDD, commonly referred to as a Pyro-Fuse, provides high reliability, and high-speed interruption of electrical circuits. In conventional vehicles' PDDs are used as part of the safety system battery/starter system to terminate battery power in the event of a serious accident to mitigate the chances of igniting spilled flammable materials. In the emerging Eco-friendly electric vehicle (EV, HEV, PHV) markets, PDDs are used in a variety of applications to protect electric circuits and prevent damage to expensive battery packs.

PDDs and Pyro-Fuse devices are also used in commercial power and industrial applications in need of instant circuit isolation to protect expensive and sensitive equipment and devices

For more information on PDDs visit https://www.daicel.com/safety/en/pyrofuse/

Thrusters and Pin Pushers

DSSA makes several thrusters and pin pushers that can be used in a large variety of applications to rapidly operate many types of mechanisms.

Cable and Cord Cutters

High-speed severing and releasing of cables, tubes, and cords can be incorporated into a number of safety system applications.

Pin Pullers and Release Mechanisms

Pin pullers operate similarly to pyrotechnic thrusters, but instead retract a pin to release a load or disconnect a system.

Pressure and Propelling Cartridges

Eject or launch projectiles using pyrotechnic energy or using pyrotechnics to release a propelling mechanism. Pressure cartridges have hundreds of applications across many industries.

Custom Products

DSSA can apply a structured Design & Development approach that can be readily applied to your unique application requirements. Whether it is the tailoring of an existing product or a completely "clean sheet" design solution, we have the capability. We have helped customers with custom design solutions, development engineering & analysis.

Validation & Environmental Testing

DSSA has developed internal capabilities for validation testing to a wide range of specification requirements. Environmental conditioning, heat aging, humidity, vibration, shock, and electrical testing. We have the ability to conduct a fairly complete range of testing on either our products or customer products including our devices. We have also conducted numerous test programs necessary to receive BATFE and DoT approvals and shipping classifications.

Manufacturing Process & Automation Development

Whether it's small-volume hand assembly or fully automated high-volume production we have the capability for process development to suit every program. Much of our automation equipment was designed, developed, assembled, and programmed in-house. This integrated product and process development results in highly efficient production regardless of program size and our extensive use of in-process mistake-proofing features assures high quality built into the process.